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High Quality Playing Cards featuring Classic Guyanese Sayings

Why own a boring old pack of cards when you can have a fun pack of CYARDS?

Artfully designed, casino-quality playing cards featuring some pearls of Guyanese wisdom are the best stocking stuffer you can get for your relative or friend – don’t wait, click de button and buy de ting fas!

Through these specially created cards, enjoy some of the sayings that generations of Guyanese have used while playing your favourite card games. 

Trust us, Trump, Rap Romie, and Go in de Pack will never be the same again!


Play all your card games

Stocking Stuffer

Perfect Holiday Present

100% Guyanese

Timeless Sayings

Family Friendly

Hours of Fun!

Examples from the Deck

Customer Reviews

"Dem cyards bad! We buss dem out at every lime. Mek sure you support your community!"

Kushu P.
"I used these cards as my wedding favour and my guests loved them! My family (new to Guyanese culture) uses these cards all the time."
Michelle O.
"This is such a great idea! It's a fun and easy way to get in touch with my roots! Can't wait for the next set of cards."
Jimmy N.
"I finally understand what these sayings mean. The quality of the cards is great for playing Poker as well!"

Maxi P.